Teaching Experience

First Started teaching at Simon Fraser University
as Teaching Assistant for Psychology 101

Five years later I started teaching my own courses,
beginning with Psych 402 - Seminar in Theoretical and Historical  Issues

Have also taught courses at Simon Fraser University on:
Cultural Psychology, History of Modern Psychology, Historical Foundations to Psychology, Introductory Psychology, Psychology of Consciousness, Psychology of Feelings and Emotions, Motivational Psychology,

Elsewhere I began teaching at the community college level at Kwantlen University College.
In September 1998 I began teaching Psyc 1100 and then taught Psyc 1200 a year later.

In September 1999 I began teaching Psyc 101 at University College of the Fraser Valley,
where in January 2000 I taught Psyc 102 there as well.

In September 2000 I started teaching at Camousn College, where I was hired in May 2000 to teach Introductory psychology as well as courses in Research Methods (Psyc 201), History of Psychology (Psyc 210) as well as Biological Psychology (Psyc 215).


Tai Chi Chuan
Primarily Wu style with Yang blend.
Simon Fraser University
Department of Recreation
Burnaby, B.C.