ICCP Section (10)
Program for Conference Quebec 2013

Thursday June 13th


11:00  - 11:55

Keynote:  Richard Bourhis -- Acculturation and intergroup relations between immigrant and host majority groups in multiethnic settings.


2:00 - 2:55

Section Business Meeting


4:00 - 5:55

Poster Session: 35 presentations!


4:00 - 4:55

Workshop:  Sumo face database: how to use this publicly available highly-standardized, validated database of static and dynamic images of faces of diverse ethnicities posing emotional or neutral expressions.
 Nicole Sugden & Margaret Moulson


Friday June 14th


10:00 - 11:25

Symposium Acculturation research in Canada: wisdom, values, stereotypes, and multiculturalism.
 Saba Safdar, Michel Ferrari, Richard Lalonde, John Berry


12:30 - 1:55

Theory Review.

Charles P. Chen, Andrew Ryder, Chris Brittan-Powell


2:00 - 3:25

Student Symposium: Exploring cultural constructions on interpersonal relationships, consumer behaviours, depressive symptoms and social integration.
 Biru Zhou, Jorida Cila, Andy Ng, Jiahong Sun, David-Alexandre Bosset  



Saturday June 15th


10:00 - 11:25

Symposium:  Ethnic matching or exclusion: An empirical, theoretical and methodological inquiry into cross-cultural mental health services.
 Zhipeng Gao, Marissa Barnes, Wenfeng Zhao


12:00 - 1:25

Symposium: The confluence of culture, history & theory

      Michael Arfken, William Smythe, Gira Bhatt, John Berry, Randal Tonks


2:30 - 3:55

Student symposium: New research on identity integration and development, discrimination and stereotyping.
 Biru Zhou, Diana Cárdenas, Nathalie Freynet, Rana Sioufi, Evelina Lou


4:00 - 4:55

Symposium:  The cultural shaping of mental health and well-being: Contributions from clinical and social psychology.
 Andrew Ryder, Catherine Amiot, Roxane de la Sablonnière, Ghayda Hassan