CPA International /Cross-Cultural Section
2009 Convention Program /
Programme de Congres 2009


Thursday June 11, 2009


International / Cross-Cultural Posters  (1:30-1:25 HOCHELEGA)
23 posters (#s 70-93)


Note: Students are reminded that if they are section members they are eligible for the Francis E. Aboud Award for best Student Poster - The winner will be announced at the Section Business Meeting, Saturday at 8:00 in Duluth.

    Additionally student section members presenting paper in symposia and theory review sessions are eligible for the John W. Berry Award for best Student Paper.  This award will be given following the last ICC section session Saturday at 5:30 in Gatineau.


Invited Speaker (CPA & ICC)

Le Modèle d’acculturation interactif (MAI): Une décennie de recherche.

Richard Bourhis  (1:00-1:55 - MACKENZIE)



Singing and Psychology: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Implications

 Annabel Cohen, Jennifer Sullivan, Mary Gick, Randal Tonks 
3:00 PM - 4:25 GATINEAU)


Psychology  Methodological advances in the measurement of acculturation: Beyond self-report questionnaires
Andrew Ryder, Naveed Sheikh, Maya Yampolsky   (4:30 - 5:55 - MACKENZIE)




Friday June 12, 2009


Psychology  The Psychological Impact of war  
Kasim Al-Mashat (
10:00-10:25 – SAINT-CHARLES)


IRC Meeting (12:30-1:25)


Invited Speaker (CPA & ICC)

Rethinking culture in psychopathology and clinical practice

Laurence Kirmayer  (2:30 PM - 3:25 PM -  DULUTH )


Psychology Multicultural Mosaics: The Experiences of Newcomer Youth In Western Society

Farah Jindani (4:00 - 4:25  - BERSIMIS)



Saturday June 13, 2009


Section Business meeting Saturday 8:00-8:55am  - DULUTH


Coffee, Juice and Continental Breakfast will be served




Multiple perspectives on a complex process: Highlighting important aspects of acculturation

Jessica Dere, Stryker Calvez, Kim Chuong, Simon-Pierre Harvey, Claudia Goncalves  (10:30-11:55 - RICHELIEU) ~ (This is the Section “Student Symposium”)


A Celebration of the Universal Declaration of Ethical Principles for Psychologists Carole Sinclair, Janel Gauthier, Michel Sabourin, John Berry, Jean Pettifor, Thomas Hadjistavropoulos (1:30 PM - 2:55 - PERIBONKA)


Challenges of Applied Community Psychology (part 1): Working at the Nexus of Theory and Praxis 

Frances Cherry, Randal Tonks, Gira Bhatt, Ian Lubek

 (2:00-3:25 - RICHELIEU)


Challenges of Applied Community Psychology (part 2): Making Action & Understanding  (Christopher Peet, Gabe Pollock, Suzanne Kiani, Frances Cherry)

(3:30-4:55 - RICHELIEU


The societal and cultural factors that influence the manifestation of disorders in North America: “Are North American disorders culturally-bound?

Shafik Sunderani, Maneet Bhatia, Faria Sana, Christopher MacKinnon, Muhammad Ali  (5:00 - 5:25 - GATINEAU) 

Note: The John W. Berry Award
 will be presented following the preceding session.