Canadian Psychological Association
Annual Congress -Winnipeg 2010

International / Cross-Cultural Psychology  Section Programme

Thursday  June 3, 2010

CPA Invited Speaker -International / Cross-Cultural
2:00-2:55 CAMPAIGN B
Donald M Taylor - Making a River flow Back up a Mountain:
                                   Survey research as a vehicle for constructive change in
                                   disadvantaged cultural communities.

3:00-3:25 KILDONAN
John Adair - A conceptual model of discipline development and the Internationalization
                        of psychological research: Do the scientometric data fit the model?

Friday June 4, 2010

Section Student Symposium part I:
Andy Ng, Chang Su, Jessica Dere.

Attitudinal and Emotional Processes in Diverse Contexts

Section Student Symposium part II:
4:00-5:25 KILDONAN
Maya Yampolsky, Evelina Lou, Katie Collins.
Multicultural identity , Prejudice, and Linguistic Processes.

 Saturday June 5, 2010

Section Symposium
Jane Oxenbury (Moderator)
Survirors or Torture / War / Trauma: Support and Interventions

Joint Section Symposium with Aboriginal Psychology
11:30-12:55 CAMPAIGN B

Dana Bova, John Berry, Jennifer Rattry, Teresa Janz,  &
Kathryn  Maranzan
National Aboriginal Peoples Surveys

Section Symposium
1:00-2:25 VICTORIA

Saba Safdar, Kimberly Noels, Randal Tonks, John Berry & Rees Lewis
Qualitative and Mixed Methods Approaches in acculturation Research


Section Posters

Various Presenters

Section Business Meeting
2:00*-2:55 CABINET
*Due to the overlap of our section symposium and section
 business  meeting the SBM is expected to run from 2:30-2:55

The John W. Berry and Francis E. Aboud Awards will be presented at the SBM