Western Canadian Theoretical Psychology



History and Background

The group began as an outgrowth of the University of Alberta's Centre for the Advanced Study of Theoretical Psychology along with the International Society for Theoretical Psychology and The Canadian Psychological Asssociation Section (25) on History and Theory of Psychology.



St Albert 2016 Continued work on the theme of Depth in Culture

Victoria (2013, 2014, 2015) Discussion began around the theme of Depth in Culture

Edmonton ( )

Lumsden ( )

Nanaimo (200?-

Edmonton ( )

Banff (9?-98?)

Victoria 1991?

Edmonton (1989)




Present and Past Members

List Founding Members? ....[I have just pulled these names off old agendae will update and re-order alphabetically]

William Smythe, Hank Stam, Leo Mos, Don Kuiken, Charles Tolman, Tim Rogers, Anand Paranjpe, John A. Mills, Marvin MacDonald, Vaden House, John Conway, Willam Baker, Siu Chow, Cameron Wild, Don Schopflocher, Jack Martin, Randal Tonks,Peter White, Chuck Lemry, Brad Peikola,Christopher Peet, Angelina Baydala, Cor Baervelt, Floyd Dunphy, Jeff Stepniski, Basia Ellis, Colin Baker, Jeff Sugarman, Jim Creswell, Stephanie MacKenzie, Kathleen Slaney, Tim Racine, Matthew Unger, Rachel Cooper, Robert Peppersmith, Iris Gordon, Bruce Alexander, Donna Tafreshi, Kirby Maguire, Snjezana Huerta, Aaron Garcia, Wanda Power, Nathan Foerger, Adam Dressler,Vickie Richard, Evan Shillabeer, Jaime Williams, Jeff Hankey, Roger Frie, Katy Hildebrand, .

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Index of Publications

2004 Studies of How the Mind Publically Enfold into Being (Edited by William Smythe & Angelina Baydala)

1998 Toward a Psychology of Persons (Edited by William E. Smythe)

1993 Positivism in Psychology (Edited Charles Tolman)

"Spirit of the West" Leendert Mos, Donald Kuiken & William Smythe